Working Papers

*denotes equal authorship

Academic COVID Recovery

*Carbonari, M. V., Davison, M., DeArmond, M., Dewey, D., Dizon-Ross, E., Goldhaber, D., Hashim, A., Kane, T.J., McEachin, A., Morton, E., Patterson, T., & Staiger, D. O. (2022). “The Challenges of Implementing Academic COVID Recovery Interventions: Evidence from the Road to Recovery Project.” CALDER Working Paper No. 275-1222. [link]

*Goldhaber, D., Kane, T., McEachin, A., & Morton, E. (2022). A Comprehensive Picture of Achievement across the COVID-19 Pandemic Years: Examining Variation in Test Levels and Growth across Districts, Schools, Grades, and Students. CALDER Working Paper No. 265-0522. [link]

Four-Day School Weeks

Morton, E., Thompson, P., & Kuhfeld, M. (2022). A Multi-State, Student-Level Analysis of the Effects of the Four-Day School Week on Student Achievement and Growth. EdWorkingPaper No. 22-630. [link]